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Gully Burns

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  • Research Assistant Professor, Principle Investigator of NeuroScholar project
  • Projects:
    • VPDMf: A general framework for building knowledge (& data) base management systems (KBMS & DBMS)
    • NeuroScholar: A specialized KBMS for the neuroscientific literature.
    • NeuroAtlas: A web-service for neuroscientists to navigate and orient themselves within brain tissue.
  • Education:
    • Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Southern California Brain Project (1997-1999), L.W. Swanson's Group.
    • Graduate Student, Oxford University Laboratory of Physiology (1992 - 1995) & Newcastle Neural Systems Group (1995-1997).DPhil project entitled "Neural connectivity of the rat: Theory, Methods and applications", Wellcome Trust Prize Studentship.
    • Imperial College, London, (1988 - 1991). Bachelor of Science degree (BSc.) in Physics with first class honors.
  • Research interests: Knowledge Management Systems, Systems level neuroscience, Semantic Web
  • Email: gully@usc.edu
  • Tel: (213) 821-1837

Shyam Kapadia

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  • Research Assistant
  • Projects:
    • Measurement Package for VPDMf
    • Neuroscience Analysis Web Service Framework (NAWS)
  • Education:
    • 3rd year PHD Student, Computer Science, University of Southern California
    • MS in Computer Science, University of Southern California, 2003
    • BS in Computer Engineering/Science, University of Mumbai, India, 2000
  • Research interests: Mobile Databases, Wireless Networking, Sensor networks
  • Email: kapadia@usc.edu
  • Tel: (213) 764-4602