Analysis List



We present the Neuroscience Analysis Web Service (NAWS), a framework for publishing an analysis methodology for immediate use by the community. NAWS allows users to upload data to a remote server via a simple web-service call and perform a variety of commonly used analyses on it such as Metric multi-dimensional scaling, Principal components analysis etc. The results can be retrieved asynchronously and are automatically returned when the analysis run is complete.

Any existing analysis system that can be triggered from the command line may be deployed at the server. This makes it ideal for use with open-source analysis methods, since licensing considerations would almost certainly prohibit developers from publishing analysis services of commercially restricted software. The analysis programs themselves are independent of the web service framework. This permits existing tools to be incorporated easily into the system as long as licensing conditions are adhered to. We have implemented and tested several analysis methods using methods from the ‘R’ statistical analysis package (http://www.r-project.org/), and others. (Click here to get the list of analysis packages currently accessible by NAWS)